Advancement and Credit Recovery Program (ACRP)

The Advancement and Credit Recovery Program (ACRP) is designed to allow students an opportunity to repeat a course(s) for credit, earn high school course credit, or accelerate the completion of requirements for graduation.


  1. Students may earn a maximum of six advancement course credits through the ACRP. All distance/online courses must be taken through an accredited program, subject to MZCA administrative approval.

  2. Students using the ACRP for advancement course credit will receive numeric/letter grades, which will be reported on their transcript. Credit recovery courses will not replace previously attempted courses. Grades earned for these courses will be included in calculations for determination of grade-point average and class rank.

  3. Only high school students may earn credit towards graduation. The freshman year must be completed prior to enrollment in the ACRP.

  4. Eligibility:

    1. Credit Recovery: Students will only be enrolled in the ACRP for courses in which they have previously received a failing grade. Students in grades 9 through11 may not use the ACRP to gain credit for courses they have not attempted in a traditional classroom setting. Seniors needing ACRP courses to complete graduation requirements may do so with administrative approval. See the approved course listing below.

    2. Advancement: Any student who has demonstrated exemplary academic achievement (cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better) and wishes to utilize ACRP courses to accelerate the completion of graduation requirements may do so with administrative approval upon completion of their sophomore year. In addition, the student must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or better and earn a grade of "B" or better in all core courses (Bible, English, Math, Science, History) in the traditional classroom setting. See the approved course listing below.

  5. Students removed from a traditional classroom setting by the administration may be placed in ACRP courses at the principal's discretion.
ACRP Course Listing