International Students Program

Welcome, International Students!

International students who are ready to handle the transition can benefit from an introduction to American life and culture. It can help ensure academic and social preparedness before entering a U.S. college or university. U.S. News & World Report lists four major benefits for international students at U.S. high schools. These benefits, among others, are available at MZCA:


  • English Language Training
    Enjoy real life immersion in the English language. It is a more effective method of English language training than a classroom in your home country.

  • Pre–college Navigation
    Gain greater insight for applying to college. In addition to being long and sometimes complicated, the process of applying to college in the United States can contain many terms (like FAFSA) that are unfamiliar to international students. The process is often simplified for students who are already here.

  • College Readiness
    Experience American–style teaching, which is generally more participatory.

  • Social Acculturation
    Prepare for social success. The college experience in the United States continues after class is dismissed. Attending high school here can prepare you for social success, as well as for academic achievement.

Additional benefits of attending MZCA include:

  • Low teacher/student ratios
  • Rigorous college preparatory coursework
  • Biblical integration in all subjects
  • Weekly Chapel services
  • Outreach opportunities
  • Christian Counseling
  • Competitive athletics

“The transition to college can be tough for any student, but with a prior understanding of cultural norms, terms, and habits, your student may be better suited to fit into the fabric of a new school.”— U.S. News & World Report